What is electronics ?

Today every student of science or engineering and even the high school students come across this common word electronics .Students study just because it is part of academics but some students at least 1 out of every 10 students wonder ?

Where Did This Term ELECTRONICS come from?


why do we call it electronics?

To find the answer for this question lets get into the time machine and travel 100 or 200 years back into the past .In the 19th century , to our surprise there was no subject called electronics at all.

During this period all the research and experiments were carried out at the atomic level and no one actually knew that atoms can be broken down into smaller particles ,something like electrons really existed Until 1887 , a great scientist J J THOMSON through a series of experiments discovered that electrons existed and that electrons are negatively charged . This discovery was followed by discovery of protons and neutrons by Rutherford and Chadwick respectively .

With this discovery various scientists across the world started performing experiments at the subatomic level i.e at the electron level and the new field Electron-ics was born . This study is used for the designing various electronic circuits that exist today such as the mobile phones etc .

The study at the subatomic level that is used to design electronic circuits and other electronic devices is called electronic engineering .

Electronics is a branch of physics , in fact everything that we study under electronic engineering has its roots in physics . Since people all over the world are going deep into electronics research , electronics is today existing as an individual branch of studies with its own set of branches .

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