Decimal vs Binary – Similarities & differences between Binary & Decimal Systems?

difference between decimal and binary

In this post, we will do a quick comparison of decimal vs binary number systems, highlighting all the similarities and differences between the two number systems for better understanding of their use case.

We are familiar with the decimal number system or the decimal numeration system since we use it every day for paying bills, grocery shopping, bank transactions, etc.,. In the decimal number system, we represent or express a given decimal number in Units, tens, hundreds, thousands, etc.,

On the other hand, our computers and other digital devices which we use every day make use of the binary number system to communicate, perform arithmetic and logical operations.

The decimal number uses 10 digits to represent different values whereas the Binary number uses only 2 digits (0 & 1) to represent any binary number.

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Best Way to Convert Hex to Decimal – Hex to Decimal Converter with 2 Examples

how to convert hex to decimal

We can convert hexadecimal to decimal by simply representing the given each digit of the given Hexadecimal number as sum of powers of 16, since for hexadecimal number system 16 is the base or radix. Here we first convert each individual hexadecimal digit separately and then add it together to get the final decimal equivalent. Detailed steps explaining the process of converting Hexadecimal to decimal, with illustrated examples of hexadecimal to decimal conversions.

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Number Systems

Number systems decimal binary octal hexadecimal

A number system is simply a methodology that includes rules and symbols for counting, or performing operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division.

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Number System Conversion

number system conversions

In the previous posts, we have discussed the representation of numbers in different number systems. We have also solved example problems step by step and tried some shortcuts as well. Here we will briefly discuss number system conversion. In other words, we would see how we can represent a given number in another number system without any change in value.

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Octal vs Decimal

octal vs decimal

We aware of the octal number system which uses 8 digits to represent all the numbers and the decimal number system which uses 10 digits to represent all the numbers include fractions.

We will now see the difference between octal and decimal numbers.

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