Octal number system

Octal number system uses eight symbols or digits to represent any octal number
This number system uses only the digits ranging from zero( 0 ) to seven( 7 ) for counting as well as performing various arithmetic operations.
Even though the name of the number system is octal number system, the digit 8 is not used in this number system.

The radix or base in octal number system is 8 since it involves eight ( 8 ) symbols.

In this number system the weights are all powers of 8.

The generic format for representing any number in binary number system is as show below

    84    83        82      81      80           8-1     8-2      8-3      8-4           Weights
  S   S   S   S   S  .   S-1    S-2    S-3    S-4  
MSD                               Octal point                       LSD

             MSD i the most significant digit
             LSD is the least significant digit

             S1 ,S2 ,S3 ....Sn are values assigned.

Representing larger numbers in binary number system was a difficult task and hence the other two number systems namely octal number system and hexadecimal number system were introduced.
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