Introduction to digital electronics

Today, We will begin with a short introduction about digital electronics. Before we get started with the formal introduction I think some questions would have already started running through your mind. Alright I will put down the question in a better way.

I hope everyone till today would have used or listened the word 'digital' at least once. Well, If you do not remember the following will definitely remind you.

"I wanna buy a new digital camera".
"Look at the sign board its a digital display"
"Hooray ! I got a new digital watch for my birthday ."

Technically, all these devices are called digital circuits. The term digital means performing operations on digits(0,1,3,..... etc) or using these digits for producing information in a form that humans can understand.

Most digital circuits use binary number system(which has only 2 digits i.e. 0's and 1's) but we will not worry about number systems at this point.

Different authors organize the chapters in different manner. I always feel starting the course with digital electronics will help the students to feel comfortable with the course. Digital electronics will put the students in a better position to understand electronics because they can relate to the things that exist today around us.

I will also try to give examples that can help in relating the concepts that you learn with the day to day activities.
At the same time I will also try to demonstrate some simple experiments that can be done at home as and when we come across various concepts.

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