Binary number system

Binary Number System

The number system which utilizes only two symbols or digits is referred as binary number system.

This number system uses only zero's and one's for counting as well as performing various arithmetic operations.

The radix or base in binary number system is 2 since it involves only 2 symbols.

The symbol used in binary number system is commonly known as bit .

The generic format for representing any number in binary number system is as show below

    24    23        22      21      20           2-1     2-2      2-3      2-4           Weights
  S   S   S   S   S  .   S-1    S-2    S-3    S-4  
MSB                               Binary point                       LSB

             MSB i the most significant bit
             LSB is the least significant bit

             S1 ,S2 ,S3 ....Sn are values assigned.

Note: The following terms are commonly used in the field of electronics and it is important that you know it.

  • A combination of 4 bits(0's and 1's) is called Nibble .
  • A combination of 8 bits (0's and 1's)  is called 1 Byte .
  • A combination of 16 bits (0's and 1's)  is called 1 Word.
  • A combination of 32 bits (0's and 1's)  is called double word.
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